April 12, 2022

30 years old water tank float gives way


Every thing has an expiry date and for our water tank's float, it was 30 years old. The service charge to replace it was RM240 inclusive of transport (I assume RM60) and The brass/plastic float (RM20) labour (RM160). There were 2 workers so assuming each got paid RM50/job, the boss got RMRM60 so all in all reasonable at current Klang Valley prices. This is something I could not do so that was that.

April 01, 2022

V-19 Wireless Header replaces trusty earphones


After I had one too many expose wires from my iPhone earphone set, I felt it was time for a replacement but I did it with this RM16 Wireless Header from Lazada. The choice for this option was because I tend to get too engrossed using earphones and do not concentrate when someone calls so felt this was more practical. It took a few minutes to charge from a red warning light to turn to blue. This is my first time using such device and I found the silicone ear support very comfortable. After successfully connecting the Bluetooth feature from hand-phone to wireless header, I turned to a song at YouTube and was surprised, impressed, in fact, the the acoustics delivered was very good for a device this cheap on par with  my iPhone earphone set. The front switch changes to the next song in YouTube and the rear switch selects the song before the current one. A tap on the side power button switches off the set. I have yet to test the microphone still I feel it is money well spent.

February 24, 2022

Ya Allah, you blessed my professional carrier to the Nth value.


In January 2022, 5 years after I ended my government service, I received a mail package containing an A4 document entitled "TOKOH (Figureheads) PlanMalaysia" from the old department which had even rebranded it's name from the Federal Department of Town and County planning to PlanMalaysia.

In a department of 300+ officers and 700+ support staff nationwide, the current top management officially endorsed me as one of 9 people (not including previous and current Director-Generals) as a departmental figurehead, specifically, as the pioneer who introduced and promoted Open Source Software in the department (which incidentally is not even from my academic background but something I just happened to enjoy tinkering during my spare time). Of course, it is a great honor to receive this recognition as the previous top management often did not see eye to eye with me when I shared constructive opinions and criticisms so this document squashes all bad things said in front of as well as the back of me. (Though I rather prefer them remembering me as the Elvis Presley of the department).

This recognition took 42 years to hatch from the time I first started to work at the department in 1980. It shows that Allah's blessing concerning one's professional abilities may not outstanding surface during one's professional carrier but while one pensioned and stamps that recognition on the department wall for all to see from now onwards. For all the blunders I made during my professional carrier, truly, I am blessed. From a different angle, it was already written long before I was even born. Shukur Alhadmuillah.

January 09, 2022

The problem about good reliable handphones


Every new year comes with new, better and attractive handphones which makes one feels just like buying the latest. The problem is being practical, it is rational to wait at least for the current handphone to become faulty or hand-me-down it due to lack of storage space. The thing is that is not with me. The IPhone 6S+ I bought for wifey as a gift 6 years ago was used by her for 3 solid years then hand-me-down to daughter Sabrina as she needed a reliable handphone for her new job. Wifey too was also desirous of upgrading for the latest iPhone. Sabrina used that iPhone 6S+ for another 3 years but she decided to hand-me-down the iPhone as her job required a bigger storage space to store her WhatsApp business discussions. Coincidentally my humble Nokia 8110 4G had reached its maximum life-span so receiving the iPhone6S+ was a blessing. Still I got myself a silicone case because that iPhone has a smooth and slippery case. I used it for more than a year and it functions very well and there is still enough storage space for my needs so unless this handphone becomes faulty. I also prefer a smaller handphone because the iPhone 6S+ is difficult to take out from my slim jeans but I do not see it being faulty as it has proven itself to be a tough nut over the years. Ah well, maybe when the local 5G infrastructure has matured, it may be a good reason to upgrade the smartphone.

In love with Logitech K380


I have always used a basic Logitech keyboard and mouse since I had my first computer. It is tough, reliable, cheap and lasting so I rarely need to buy a replacement until the keys started to become sticky and that took a very long time even outlasting the life of my computers. Lately, I've begun to be attracted to the minimalist design and have already replaced my worn out  cow leather wallet for a tough horse leather minimalist design. I eyed Logitech's wireless K380 keyboard for a long time(RM130 at Lazada) as I sometimes have a habit on placing my wired keyboard on my lap when I put my feet on the table. I also found out I hardly use the numerical side of the basic keyboard as if it were a calculator so I think that's a waste of table space. Looking forward to get one in white yet I have not made up my mind when to get it.

December 07, 2021

When the time is not right yet


1.       4 yr. old:             
           Broken milk bottle cut a vein in right arm. Hospital doctor said had I come 1 hr. later, I
           could have died from loss of blood.

2.       7 yr. old:
           Nearly drowned in a sea lagoon during a family holiday trip to Port Dickson.
3.       19 yr. old:
           Car I was drove had a 40’ ravine fall  but saved when a branch lodged in between the
           rear wheel.

4.       20 yr. old:
           Car I drove spun from Hussein's poorly modified car but escaped a head-on collision at

5.       26 yr. old:
           Nearly ran over the main road divider at Federal Highway as not used to Peugeot’s stiff
           steering wheel.

6.       28 yr. old:
           Nearly drowned off Pulau Tioman from sudden leg cramp.
7.       34 yr. old:
           Missed a side collision with an oil tanker at Port Dickson which suddenly stopped 
           crossing the road when a car appeared on the other side of the road.

8.       35 yr. old:
           Missed a head-on collision with an army truck at a curve along the Masjid Tanah-Port
           Dickson trunk road.
9.       38 yr. old:
            Fell down a flight of stairs after falling off a ladder by stairways, broke my left arm just
            below the ball joint.
10.     50 yr. old:
            Had a Hemorrhoid
surgery where two hemorrhoids were successfully rubber-banded".
11.     57 yr. old:

            Had a successful left Inguinal Hernia surgery.
12.     58 yr old:
Had a successful right Inguinal Hernia surgery.

Clearly the time is right is when He says so.

November 24, 2021

New Cat Shooter squirts a distance of 24 feet!


My previous shooter was faulty so I just bought a new water cannon-cum-cat shooter at Shoppe for under RM15 inclusive of transport cost. It advertises the water canon as a long range version but when I tested it, the water jet turned into a spray to a distance of 8-10 feet. I decided to inspect the nozzle then snapped the small tip which created the spray. The eye of the nozzle is now left totally clear. Even half loaded with water, it now squirts a jet of water comfortably to a distance of 24 feet. My previous water canon could only squirt a jet of water effectively to a distance of 10-12 feet. It became an effective cat shooter and was used to shoo away cats that, during the night, climb on top of the car, leave urine stains, scratch marks as well as dirty paw prints all over the car. The trick to ensure they never come again is to:
  1. Walk barefooted in the compound so they are unaware we are close by.
  2. A distance of 6' is very effective and increases accuracy of shot.
  3. "Shoot" them while they are in the act loafing on top of the car.
From experience, they never come again so the water cannon serves its purpose well and as it only squirts water, it just hurts the cat's dignity.


Being full of water, I let it rest against the wall only to see it slide and fall. The case cracked but I managed to seal it using PVC pipe glue and it works fine.

October 13, 2021

Home DIY projects during Pandemic season


Replacement of heater knob

Unclogging external drain

Replacement of regular for energy-saving bulb

Replacement of WC pump

Replacement of washroom pipe

Realignment of kitchen sink pipe

I have been busy with house chores fixing this here and there from wear and tear as the house enters its early 30s. Mikhail has been very helpful and is very good in the plumbing arena. To call the electrician or plumber is expensive where in one instance, we had to pay the plumber could could not solve the blockage problem where the most he did was poke the flexihose in the distributor pipe but that's about it. The realignment of the kitchen sink pipe cost RM20 and saved me RM2000 instead of breaking up the kitchen floor to repair the original kitchen piping system as quoted by 2 plumbers. The purchase of the external drain flexi-pipes and attachments cost RM160+ and heaven knows how much the plumber would charge to clear the external drain blockage. The replacement of the WC pump helped resolve the silent leak into the WC helping us to cut down on water bill.

Push-ups: The more, the merrier for my BP results


With the exceptional of taking anti-cholesterol pills since mid-2020 because home cooking with my mom-in-law around since early 2020 has been so delicious and irresistible and the Covid-19 Movement Control Order discourages (though does not restrict except for one short period) jogging which I have stopped but will continue when Selangor drops from being a red to green zone status, I have mainly been doing daily sit-ups but to a maximum of 30 as I do not want to exert the 2 hernia surgeries (left and right) I have. Recently, I added push-ups and have just managed to do 30 push-ups with ease and what I found out is that after I've add a bath and relaxed my body, doing a blood pressure check after that produces good results. I guess the push-ups flush out unwanted cholesterol out of my heart because achieving 120/80/60 or better is not a problem as before. Building stamina for push-ups takes time and is not an overnight possibility for me yet slowly but surely I managed for 10 to 20 and now 30 push-sups which to me is an achievement because it took me some time to overcome the 20 push-up mental barrier.

September 26, 2021

The BMW 320 gets modified to save cost

A common problem among Malaysian BMWs is that the rubberized component of the door handles melts as they cannot handle Malaysian heat, I am told BMW rubber components use a higher percentage of petroleum to give the rubber component a softer feel. To replace them with originals will come back to the same problem so I found plastic versions for the "Malaysian Right Hand Drive" models at Lazada for RM200 (4 pieces). The material is good quality and compliments the premium quality of BMW cars. Upon installing, the mechanic said the screws that came along with the package so had to acquire long screw, just that installation would be slightly delayed. Job finished, wifey and me are impressed. They fit seamlessly into the car as well as feel as if they are original replacements.

Coincidentally, rain penetrated and rusted the socket of the left rear taillight. I had the same wireman mechanic modify and rewire the socket. The completed job was successful and saved me at least 2/3 cost of getting an original socket.