Review of Nokia 225


My mother-in-law had this extra Nokia 225 lying around in her drawer so decided to give it away to me. I thanked her and said it will serve as a good backup phone. Although less than a year old, I had to buy a new battery. The seller advised to constantly charge any battery at least per 3 weeks or else it will die prematurely as with the original battery. Today, I transferred my SIMcard to the Nokia and had a go and found out a few things:
- Facebook viewing is very limiting hence frustrating although it opens reasonably fast
- Messenger could not be opened twice, time out so I gave up
- Twitter was updated and opened quite fast but I didn't log in as I rarely use it
- Weather app didn't open probably because I forgot to give my location
- Internet browsers function well
- Gmail functions well
- No wifi
- Tough case
- Good clear radio reception
- Takes photos off the computer quite well and clearly. Snapshots taken with it's camera are good and clear for its screen size

It appears WhatsApp stopped support for Symbian phones since June 2017 so that another issue clear. Well what Nokia 255 does well is makes calls, send sms and has a battery can last 5 days with ease though there are users telling me 6 days is a norm. Don't expect budget phones to compete with smartphones and you'll be OK in your assessment.