Installing Epson Printer Driver for Linux Ubuntu

Wifey regularly uses a printer at home to do school homework and wanted a colour printer. She was impressed with the Epson L360 which she uses at school because it allows for purchase of refills by specific colours. Even during long school holidays when the printer is not used, the printer jets do not get clogged up. (My of my, how much colour printer technology has improved). Today, she bought the Epson L360 printer and I had to configure the printer setting for Windows and Linux Ubuntu as my computer is dual-boot. My son helped to set up the Window printer configuration which went without any hassle as Epson printers are Windows-friendly. However, after he installed the printer driver taken from the official Epson website, the test page still only printed alphabets. It was only after I surfed the Internet then managed to download and install the Epson Injet Printer 20140w1-1.0.0 file did we see some light. Under 'Additional printer setting' showed that there was missing a printer filter app. It was only after my son did some surfing and checking at a third party site as shown below that we found out all 3 drivers (old and new printer driver plus scanner drivers) need to be installed after which that missing printer filter app. did not make its appearance any more.  


Fear brings out true housemates

Whenever I look at grille doors like the photo above (the one I am telling here is a more simple version), I am reminded of an eventful past, a time when I was transferred outstation for a period of 3 years and stayed in a simple terrace house along with 2 other housemates. My housemates were bank officers, nice people and we got along very well. I slept in the Master's bedroom fronting the compound. Every night we watched TV till the last movie then would call it a day followed by a ritual of locking the grille and sliding door though we could not lock the gate as we had 2 cars parked in the compound. However, one night I slept early and my house mates forgot to lock the grille but thankfully locked the sliding door with merely a latch not even using the key. I was awaken at 3 am by someone whispering and knocks on the door. I peeped out and saw the grille ajar then realized some robbers were trying to prick the door but were having a difficult time. Immediately a cold fear came across me and I was not sure if others had got in as my room door was locked. I did not now what to do but was reminded in some TV movie how actors slapped themselves to bring out their courage so began slapping myself hard a few times. Only after till it hurt did I feel anger then strength and confidence began to build inside. I knew I had to do something quickly to avoid the worst so changed to my jeans, took a deep breath and charged out of the door pushing aside the thoughts of any possible danger I might face. I shouted real loud "Robbers! Robbers! Robbers!", I knew even my next door neighbours could hear but none of my housemates came out. After 2 seconds with no reaction from my housemates, I saw in the dark that the front door was still intact yet the robbers were still determine to unlock the door. I bluffed my way and shouted, I have a samurai sword with me and if I get them I'll slaughter them but that did not deter them eventhough I went over and switched on the lights of the living room. It was only after I switched on the flourescent porchlight that took it's own sweet time to flicker on then I saw 2 figures rush out of the compound. I unlatched the door ran out but could not see them so quickly started my car parked outside reved it hard in low gear then drove quickly to the backlane. There were bushes alongside the front of the terrace house and I knew it would be too dangerous to go there so quickly drove to the police station and immediately made a police report. The police said from what I told them they expected the robbers to have fled and suspected that my housemates had chicken out, praised me for me brave but I need not have done what I did to go out chasing them. I returned and found my housemates in the living room. They asked how things were so I explained the whole incident. I asked why they did not come out to my help then they admitted that they were too sacred but preferred the shelter of their separate rooms. I told them I was so dissappointed in them, told them off for not locking the grille but thankfully I am OK and no one was robbed. From that day, I realized when fear overcomes a person, eventough that person could be a trustworthy housemate, only then will one know whether one has alongside him ... a true friend or not. A year after, they eventually got married to their better half and I stayed on my own for the next 2 years because I had lost the trust of housemates.


Review of Nokia 225


My mother-in-law had this extra Nokia 225 lying around in her drawer so decided to give it away to me. I thanked her and said it will serve as a good backup phone. Although less than a year old, I had to buy a new battery. The seller advised to constantly charge any battery at least per 3 weeks or else it will die prematurely as with the original battery. Today, I transferred my SIMcard to the Nokia and had a go and found out a few things:
- Facebook viewing is very limiting hence frustrating although it opens reasonably fast
- Messenger could not be opened twice, time out so I gave up
- Twitter was updated and opened quite fast but I didn't log in as I rarely use it
- Weather app didn't open probably because I forgot to give my location
- Internet browsers function well
- Gmail functions well
- No wifi
- Tough case
- Good clear radio reception
- Takes photos off the computer quite well and clearly. Snapshots taken with it's camera are good and clear for its screen size

It appears WhatsApp stopped support for Symbian phones since June 2017 so that another issue clear. Well what Nokia 255 does well is makes calls, send sms and has a battery can last 5 days with ease though there are users telling me 6 days is a norm. Don't expect budget phones to compete with smartphones and you'll be OK in your assessment.


My home renovation, so far...

Some time ago, I went into fenzy removing old wallpapers in the living and dining room and anything wooden was given a new coat of white paint, of course, with blessing and support from wifey. The old sofa was donated and a new one was contributed by her along with a wall mirror and a colour coordinated curtain to replace the previous one which we hardly ever change. Well, this is the finished look. I also had some white paint left so the bench outside also got painted. Yes, it was tiring work but being a pensioner, I had all the time in the world yet it did not take a month. Well, I am very pleased with myself and I cannot even recognize my house from inside anymore.


Simpliest Brother HL-2140 printer configuration

All this while, when I wanted to configure this printer I would download and install 2 driver files from the brother.com  at their USA site. It has been going on for a few years because this printer is so reliable. However, a few days ago when I updated Ubuntu from Ver 16.04 to Ver 17.04, the grub/boot loader got corrupted but I successfully got it back working after reinstalling Ubuntu using the Legacy USB mode and not the EFI mode. Then came a stag ... I could not open those 2 driver files using the same default "Software Install" function using the right-click mouse technique. A quick surf on the internet asking a specific question on installing the HL-2140 in Ubuntu brought me to a link by some chap in the Ubuntu community site. He solved the problem so easily on his Ubuntu 14.04, without downloading and installing any driver simply because the appropriate driver to choose is NOT the recommended option but the option below ie. 2150! As by now I had already advanced to Ubuntu 17.04, I still went ahead and followed what he did then made a test print. Walla! it works perfectly. Oh me, Oh my, if I had only known this step years ago...


How to find more background information on each surah

Yes, I know merely reciting the Al-Quran will get one good deeds but I wanted more so I would refer to the Noble Quran app. to read the English translation to understand what was recited. By default, I would get the page showing the English translation of a particular surah then a few days ago, for reasons unknown (maybe bored, maybe divine intervention) I decided to play around the app. and click on the few icons on the upper right side. Clicking on the information icon, it then dawn on me that this would take me to background material on the surah. YES! This was always something I wanted to know more in-depth, the whys and the where-for per surah but not many learned people could answer that for me. Having just begun reading it, I must say, it is very interesting material. Clicking again on that information icon brings me back to the earlier English translation page. It's now going to be more meaningful (General knowledge wise) and fun to read the Al-Quran rather than mere recitation. Insyallah, I hope this information will be useful to some.


5s iPhone camera shots

Results from my trusty iPhone 5s camera. Flowers at mak's house. Slight breeze in photos so some flowers did sway. All photos are just point and shoot and left unedited. It's OK, I'm not complaining. Furthermore, if I were to edit a photo, it would turn out like this:



The lazyman's technique of removing wallpaper

Polyfilla was added to smooth out rough areas
Completed job

Tools of trade

Many articles on the internet unanimously state that removing wallpaper is a difficult task. I was not going to back off so was prepared. However, my trial and error experience shows that it can actually be very simple .... if you know the technique. Here, I share my smart (or lazyman) technique:

 All needed is a spray gun of plain water (Yes, no soapy water needed and a waste of money!) and a rag to collect dripping water. Start by placing the rag at the edge of the wall. Next, generously spray the dry wallpaper to soften the outer skin. Concentrate on the top edge. After 1-2 min. (the longer, the better) start peeling. The longer the wait, the easier it comes off as one piece (Err.. I have only some patience here). Next, generously spray the inner layer. Wait till the colour of the inner layer turns darker. (Yes, the darker, the better) When the colour of the inner layer turns close to dark brown, start peeling. Again, start by spraying from the top as dripping water softens the wallpaper below. If there are resistant spots, generously spray on them then peel away. If you rush the job here, chances are the inner layer will tear making peeling more difficult. If you take your time, it comes off as one piece.

That's it! Yeah, I did it!


Spring cleaning the front and dining room furniture

Front door
Coffee and side table

Drawer shelve

Dining table and chairs

Dining cupboard

Upon wifey's request who has got bored with them after 24 years, I bought white oil paint, turpentine, brush and put effort over the past fortnight to give the house a new look from the original wooden flavour the furniture once had. I'm no expert but am quite please with the results.


Health is wealth

Health is wealth. I don't take multi-vitamins but I've just been on my second box of 30 Habbatus Sauda pills and I notice my blood pressure now floats around 114/72 whereas it was usually at least 10 points higher. Mmmm, I can't go wrong for something recommended by the Rasul himself and its way, way cheaper than multi-vitamins. Read the many benefits here at https://www.diamondherbs.co/17-habbatus-sauda-benefits-uses-and-cures-habba-sawda/


Time flies ...

Bringing up a family is truly the most challenging but rewarding experience life has to offer. It teaches one that life has its ups and downs but tomorrow is always another day (insyallah) to improve oneself.


How did I manage all this?

Looking back, taking care of 2 munsters was already tiresome, how did I managed to convince myself to get a third? ... and survive taking care of them is a miracle in itself. No wonder nowadays I sport lots of grey hair.



The Vet. doctor who owns him says he's obese, not surprising, he pinches dog food at the vet


Creating a multimedia clip using Open Source software

Firstly, a slideshow was created using LibreOffice Impress. Next, the Slide Transition tool was configured to advance a slide every 2 seconds under 'Advance Slide'. When completed, a .odp file got created.

Secondly, a screen recorder was needed to convert the .odp file into a .mp4 file. Since I use Ubuntu 16.04, I looked up YouTube and came up with the above clip which I am indebted to. Only 3 lines of script were required to install a screen recorder where I copied and paste onto the 'Terminal'. When completed, the Simple Screen Recorder (SSR) icon appeared in the sidebar.

Thirdly, the SSR was configured to conver the .odp file as follows:

Untick Record cursor 
Determine destination file
Select Starting recording then activate the slideshow under LibreOffice Impress
Close LibreOffice when presentation ends then select Save recording. A .mp4 file got created
Fourthly, a .mp3 audio file was merged with that .mp4 file to create a .mov file. During the process, both files were imported into OpenShot Video Editor. Next, the excess ends at the front and rear of the .mp4 were snipped away using the Scissors and Arrow tool. Both files were then exported to become a .mov file as follows:

Drag .mp4 file to track 1

Drag .mp3 file to track 2
Excess end identified
Right click arrow of unwanted area then select Remove clip

Repeat process for rear end of .mp4 file
Select Red Recording button to export video then configure for web
.mov file created
Finally, the .mov file is converted as a .mp4 file as this makes it compatible with other internet services like YouTube. Steps are as follows:

Add the .mp4 file under File Selection
Determine the destination file
.mp4 file created
You can now confidently upload that .mp4 file onto YouTube.