The power of dua

It is not often that an article has caught my attention and mesmerized me in deep thought. The power of dua is one of them. The explanation there is simple and clear for any layman to read and understand void of Islamic theology. As a Muslim who believes in the concept of pre-destiny, it is most comforting to know that which one was pre-destined with yet but one does not like is not permanent. It can be changed by the will and upon Allah's acceptance of a humble and sincere dua. Many Muslims, probably in Malaysia, by way of traditional Islamic education, are also mindset that dua are fixed set of verse for this and that and if one does not say it accordingly, it is taboo. It is simply, like the article states, a medium of conversation between oneself and the All Mighty Allah and a matter of the heart which only He knows best. However, because one does not know what the future can bring, some happenings that befell us that we do not like, may still not change and occur eventhough a dua was made against that happening. This was because it was meant to avert something more serious and haphazard to us and Allah in his wisdom only gives us the best for us. In my lifetime, I have encountered this and looking back as I live my life now in the future, I more or less understand, what sadness would befall me had my dua to prevent certain happening come true.