Installing Epson Printer Driver for Linux Ubuntu

Wifey regularly uses a printer at home to do school homework and wanted a colour printer. She was impressed with the Epson L360 which she uses at school because it allows for purchase of refills by specific colours. Even during long school holidays when the printer is not used, the printer jets do not get clogged up. (My of my, how much colour printer technology has improved). Today, she bought the Epson L360 printer and I had to configure the printer setting for Windows and Linux Ubuntu as my computer is dual-boot. My son helped to set up the Window printer configuration which went without any hassle as Epson printers are Windows-friendly. However, after he installed the printer driver taken from the official Epson website, the test page still only printed alphabets. It was only after I surfed the Internet then managed to download and install the Epson Injet Printer 20140w1-1.0.0 file did we see some light. Under 'Additional printer setting' showed that there was missing a printer filter app. It was only after my son did some surfing and checking at a third party site as shown below that we found out all 3 drivers (old and new printer driver plus scanner drivers) need to be installed after which that missing printer filter app. did not make its appearance any more.