Killing time

2 months have just passed by since my hernia operation and I will have to wait another 4 months more as advised by the doctors before I can go riding the bobber again. So sad and frustrating but better to be wise than be sorry. I kill time firstly by applying rubbing compound to the body work which did an excellent job in giving that super smooth professional touch body work then finished it off by applying a protective layer of car polish. I've already cleaned the chain and rear axle with diesel which quickly and effectively dissolved grime and grit followed by a quick hosing off of the diesel to prevent it from 'eating' up the rubber component. I've already cleaned the spark plugs and found them to be sooty because I did not take the bobber for a spin already I did start up the bobber daily. Now, the road tax and insurance have expired while the battery has exceeded its warranty year and has already showed signs of aging and I have difficulty starting up the motorcycle. It is not no to renew the road tax and insurance as I will not be using the motorcycle for the time being but need to renew it before a year of dormant use from the date the road tax expired last October or else the motorcycle has to be sent for inspection.