Fear brings out true housemates

Whenever I look at grille doors like the photo above (the one I am telling here is a more simple version), I am reminded of an eventful past, a time when I was transferred outstation for a period of 3 years and stayed in a simple terrace house along with 2 other housemates. My housemates were bank officers, nice people and we got along very well. I slept in the Master's bedroom fronting the compound. Every night we watched TV till the last movie then would call it a day followed by a ritual of locking the grille and sliding door though we could not lock the gate as we had 2 cars parked in the compound. However, one night I slept early and my house mates forgot to lock the grille but thankfully locked the sliding door with merely a latch not even using the key. I was awaken at 3 am by someone whispering and knocks on the door. I peeped out and saw the grille ajar then realized some robbers were trying to prick the door but were having a difficult time. Immediately a cold fear came across me and I was not sure if others had got in as my room door was locked. I did not now what to do but was reminded in some TV movie how actors slapped themselves to bring out their courage so began slapping myself hard a few times. Only after till it hurt did I feel anger then strength and confidence began to build inside. I knew I had to do something quickly to avoid the worst so changed to my jeans, took a deep breath and charged out of the door pushing aside the thoughts of any possible danger I might face. I shouted real loud "Robbers! Robbers! Robbers!", I knew even my next door neighbours could hear but none of my housemates came out. After 2 seconds with no reaction from my housemates, I saw in the dark that the front door was still intact yet the robbers were still determine to unlock the door. I bluffed my way and shouted, I have a samurai sword with me and if I get them I'll slaughter them but that did not deter them eventhough I went over and switched on the lights of the living room. It was only after I switched on the flourescent porchlight that took it's own sweet time to flicker on then I saw 2 figures rush out of the compound. I unlatched the door ran out but could not see them so quickly started my car parked outside reved it hard in low gear then drove quickly to the backlane. There were bushes alongside the front of the terrace house and I knew it would be too dangerous to go there so quickly drove to the police station and immediately made a police report. The police said from what I told them they expected the robbers to have fled and suspected that my housemates had chicken out, praised me for me brave but I need not have done what I did to go out chasing them. I returned and found my housemates in the living room. They asked how things were so I explained the whole incident. I asked why they did not come out to my help then they admitted that they were too sacred but preferred the shelter of their separate rooms. I told them I was so dissappointed in them, told them off for not locking the grille but thankfully I am OK and no one was robbed. From that day, I realized when fear overcomes a person, eventough that person could be a trustworthy housemate, only then will one know whether one has alongside him ... a true friend or not. A year after, they eventually got married to their better half and I stayed on my own for the next 2 years because I had lost the trust of housemates.