Floss regularly if you don't want cavities

Today, for some strange reasons, I was motivated to visit the dentist for a check up. The last time I went to one was 8 years ago. Less those teeth that got fillings, the doctor told me the rest were OK and if I had not visited a dentist since 8 years ago, it was considered good. Then she asked if I do flossing and I said yes but not frequently. She confirmed and said many people do not think much about flossing their teeth, merely brushing them but my case proves that regularly flossing is important if you don't want cavities. She is not the only dentist to tell me that... In my mid 30s I visited my cousin, a dentist and clarified that then I had not been to a dentist since 7 years. When she checked my teeth, she could not find any cavities less those days earlier filled. She could not believe when I told her I didn't but explained that I flossed about 4x/year. Then she said "Ahhhh" yes flossing is equally important to brushing teeth. I have a bad habit though, that is, I like to brush my teeth hard and this has let to abrasions and exposed a tooth where today it just needed some minor filling. Lesson learnt: Floss regularly (at least 3x/year). If gums should bleed while flossing, my cousin dentist said that is good because it has effectively got rid of any rotting food and the cut will heal the affected gum.