The lazyman's technique of removing wallpaper

Polyfilla was added to smooth out rough areas
Completed job

Tools of trade

Many articles on the internet unanimously state that removing wallpaper is a difficult task. I was not going to back off so was prepared. However, my trial and error experience shows that it can actually be very simple .... if you know the technique. Here, I share my smart (or lazyman) technique:

 All needed is a spray gun of plain water (Yes, no soapy water needed and a waste of money!) and a rag to collect dripping water. Start by placing the rag at the edge of the wall. Next, generously spray the dry wallpaper to soften the outer skin. Concentrate on the top edge. After 1-2 min. (the longer, the better) start peeling. The longer the wait, the easier it comes off as one piece (Err.. I have only some patience here). Next, generously spray the inner layer. Wait till the colour of the inner layer turns darker. (Yes, the darker, the better) When the colour of the inner layer turns close to dark brown, start peeling. Again, start by spraying from the top as dripping water softens the wallpaper below. If there are resistant spots, generously spray on them then peel away. If you rush the job here, chances are the inner layer will tear making peeling more difficult. If you take your time, it comes off as one piece.

That's it! Yeah, I did it!

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