Simpliest Brother HL-2140 printer configuration

All this while, when I wanted to configure this printer I would download and install 2 driver files from the brother.com  at their USA site. It has been going on for a few years because this printer is so reliable. However, a few days ago when I updated Ubuntu from Ver 16.04 to Ver 17.04, the grub/boot loader got corrupted but I successfully got it back working after reinstalling Ubuntu using the Legacy USB mode and not the EFI mode. Then came a stag ... I could not open those 2 driver files using the same default "Software Install" function using the right-click mouse technique. A quick surf on the internet asking a specific question on installing the HL-2140 in Ubuntu brought me to a link by some chap in the Ubuntu community site. He solved the problem so easily on his Ubuntu 14.04, without downloading and installing any driver simply because the appropriate driver to choose is NOT the recommended option but the option below ie. 2150! As by now I had already advanced to Ubuntu 17.04, I still went ahead and followed what he did then made a test print. Walla! it works perfectly. Oh me, Oh my, if I had only known this step years ago...

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