How to find more background information on each surah

Yes, I know merely reciting the Al-Quran will get one good deeds but I wanted more so I would refer to the Noble Quran app. to read the English translation to understand what was recited. By default, I would get the page showing the English translation of a particular surah then a few days ago, for reasons unknown (maybe bored, maybe divine intervention) I decided to play around the app. and click on the few icons on the upper right side. Clicking on the information icon, it then dawn on me that this would take me to background material on the surah. YES! This was always something I wanted to know more in-depth, the whys and the where-for per surah but not many learned people could answer that for me. Having just begun reading it, I must say, it is very interesting material. Clicking again on that information icon brings me back to the earlier English translation page. It's now going to be more meaningful (General knowledge wise) and fun to read the Al-Quran rather than mere recitation. Insyallah, I hope this information will be useful to some.

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