Windows-Ubuntu Duat Boot Installation

When I install the operating system for dual boot configuration I always choose the 'Something Else' option as it has more control than the default setting. If the default setting is used, Ubuntu can be successfully installed but Windows grub loader or Boot Manager overides Ubuntu's grub loader and in the end, the OS selector option never appears upon boot up. Thus, one of the most critical step in dual boot installation that involves Windows and Ubuntu operating system is the location of the Windows Boot Manager. It needs to have its separate partition and as can be seen here. Windows (NTFS) operating system has been allocated in a separate partition from Ubuntu  operating system. I prefer the Long Term Support (LTS) version because experience has shown me that it is the more stable version than the latest cutting edge version. Ubuntu requires me to identify the mount point of which I place it in the same partition as the Ubuntu operating system. Other than that, there is nothing much to do except immediately upon boot up, I make it a point to update Ubuntu operating system so that it will be tip-top.

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