The most effective cure for sore throat

I am in the midst of recovering from sore throat and I took the advice of a friend who frequently suffers from sore throat and found the remedy fantastically effective. The solution? Chew on raw ginger at least every four hours. My sore throat cleared within a day, effectively 1 1/2 days because I started chewing ginger since the second day. However, I still needed antibiotics to clear my throat as I know I have a sensitive throat ever since I was young. I cut the ginger by the lump they grow and that also makes it easy to peel the skin. If that portion is big, I cut it down about the size of a 10 cent coin. It is the juice that is the secret and the effect is instant. I throw away the fiber but would have eaten it if rice was around coz that is excellent roughage. Of course had the sore throat been more swollen, it would take slightly longer time but constant chewing on ginger would be the key to fast recovery. Oh yes, don't drink after you chew ginger, the juice needs to linger around the sore throat.

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