Going down memory lane... re-installation of Ubuntu

Beginning this year, wifey needs to use Arial font in her daily work. However, yesterday, I noticed that Arial font was not in my LibreOffice. I tried to install ttf-msfontcore installer using Ubuntu Software Center but was not successful so uninstalled LibreOffice and tired to install OpenOffice which is like a twin but along the way using terminal command, I blundered and messed up the main updater so I re-installed Ubuntu using the thumbdrive installer that Mikhail taught me which is tricky because my computer is dual boot. If wrongly installed, I would lose the OS selector when the computer boots up. Thankfully, I still remember what was done before and the re-installation of Ubuntu to a specific partition was a success. Having updated the OS, Mikhail sent a zip copy of Microsoft's fonts which I successfully installed Arial regular font and even went further to create a custom Libre-Writer template. All this took some time but I am most satisfied with the successful outcome. Phew!

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