Creating a multimedia clip using Open Source software

Firstly, a slideshow was created using LibreOffice Impress. Next, the Slide Transition tool was configured to advance a slide every 2 seconds under 'Advance Slide'. When completed, a .odp file got created.

Secondly, a screen recorder was needed to convert the .odp file into a .mp4 file. Since I use Ubuntu 16.04, I looked up YouTube and came up with the above clip which I am indebted to. Only 3 lines of script were required to install a screen recorder where I copied and paste onto the 'Terminal'. When completed, the Simple Screen Recorder (SSR) icon appeared in the sidebar.

Thirdly, the SSR was configured to conver the .odp file as follows:

Untick Record cursor 
Determine destination file
Select Starting recording then activate the slideshow under LibreOffice Impress
Close LibreOffice when presentation ends then select Save recording. A .mp4 file got created
Fourthly, a .mp3 audio file was merged with that .mp4 file to create a .mov file. During the process, both files were imported into OpenShot Video Editor. Next, the excess ends at the front and rear of the .mp4 were snipped away using the Scissors and Arrow tool. Both files were then exported to become a .mov file as follows:

Drag .mp4 file to track 1

Drag .mp3 file to track 2
Excess end identified
Right click arrow of unwanted area then select Remove clip

Repeat process for rear end of .mp4 file
Select Red Recording button to export video then configure for web
.mov file created
Finally, the .mov file is converted as a .mp4 file as this makes it compatible with other internet services like YouTube. Steps are as follows:

Add the .mp4 file under File Selection
Determine the destination file
.mp4 file created
You can now confidently upload that .mp4 file onto YouTube.

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