My migration from Android smartphones to the iPhone 5S

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Respectable but quality beaten by current mid range smartphones

Point and shoot quality under energy saving lighting

Being a pro-Open Source enthusiast, I always stuck to Android smartphones but due to my budget were always the mid-range bracket. Still, I was quite happy with them and didn't expect a mid-range smartphone to compete with the likes of the upper range smartphones. However, things took a change when I lost my latest smartphone: an 5.5" ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser while riding my motorcycle with a pair of baggy trousers and did not push the smartphone all the way in. That smartphone was only 6 months old so I was very sad. While considering what I to buy as a replacement, I would borrow my daughter's iPhone 5S and get a feel of it. At first, it was difficult to get the hang of the iOS but after realizing how it was structured, things became easier. I was always impressed by a few things about the iPhone:
  • Keyboard entry was more precise and I rarely mistype eventhough I typed fast and eventhough the keyboard is slightly smaller against that of my 5" and 5.5" smartphones;
  • The colour of the images off the screen were noticeably richer;
  • The results from the camera was way better in all respect notably under low lighting situations;
  • It feels solid and oozes quality;
  • Its got a brand image so I can lift my nose up higher.
Yes, the iPhone 5S is a different price bracket that my mid-range smartphones  just could not compete. As I had just pensioned, what I wanted now was a reliable smartphone and one I would not need upgrade. The iPhone 5S is slightly smaller than what I like: a 5" smartphone but a small compromise for the (+) it offers. It so happened about that time, the replacement to the iPhone 5S was going to be launch so wholesalers were giving very attractive offers for the 5S, still more expensive than the best mid-range smartphone yet a grab if one could afford it and I could, furthermore, I had no intention to buy a smartphone in the range of the normal price of a iPhone 5S. Yes, there will always be better smartphones to come and one should not be trapped into constantly upgrading one's smartphone unless it cannot ADEQUATELY deliver what one wants out of a smartphone.

I do not use the smartphone to play games nor listen to music. For my personal requirement, my smartphone should deliver well as a typical phone, send sms quickly, scroll and navigate Goggle maps quickly, upload pictures and view  Facebook reasonable fast. In this respect, the iPhone 5S is good enough but had it been a 5" smartphone, that would be almost perfect. 'Almost' because it uses battery power quite fast where recent Android smartphones are better here. I bought mine in space grey which I think is cool and overall, I am a satisfied customer.

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