Today is one of the most beautiful days there ever is. This unedited photo was taken after zuhur prayer. As I rode back from the mosque, although it was bright and sunny, the air was cool and breezy as against the hazy days recently experienced. A good day to wash and dry clothes. I wish the weather every day is like this.

ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser

Last month, I said R.I.P to my Sony Z3 Compact which was my birthday present this year in March. But if things in life are not meant be, then no matter what, they are not meant to be (Sounds so melancholy). That is when destiny compliments fate. In a span of 6 months, the rear case broke 4 times, of which, I replaced it 3 times. The day before, I came back on a motorcycle and got drench wet from the rain only to find water seeped into a crack (4th time) through the rear case. When checked by a technician, he said it was a write-off because too many parts were damaged and was not worth repairing. This time around, I could only afford a mid-range handphone and made a decision to get an ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser Model ZE500KL because I am long aware the company is a worldwide producer of IT components, products, has a good reputation in that field and I have a preference for 5" screen. I chose classic, timeless black and it cost me RM649. I don't use a case because It's convex rear feels nice to hold. The screen is tough and void of scratch eventhough I've used it for more than a month. For me, it is respectably fast. So far I've accidentally drop it hard once and it's still A-OK, no scratches. I find the smartphone camera's exposure control very satisfactory for a mere 13MP point and shoot camera.


Telegram to the rescue!

Today, I forgot to bring my smartphone with me to work so I installed Telegram Desktop and gave it a try or two and it works superbly. Sound notifications comes on and facial icons work well too so I don't feel lost. Typing away on my Telegram makes people think I'm busily working :-D


HRMIS under Ubuntu

I managed to activate Internet Exploer Ver. 8 after installing Wine PPA followed by installing PlayOnLinux and lastly Internet Explorer via PlayOnLinux. That done , I successfully activated HRMIS web site but entering my user id then adding my password,I knew something was not right because instead of getting small stars in the Password box, I got instead a row of white blank boxes. Upon pressing "enter", I was greeted by scripts. Close...very close but still not there.