Kemboja, 2014

A business-cum-pleasure all-expenses paid trip to Cambodia I enjoyed over 3 days from 13-15/11/2014. I was invited by the Royal University of Agriculture at Cambodia in cooperation with NGO GIZ of Germany to give a talk on "Quantum GIS and landuse planning in Malaysia". Wifey came along and it was a bit of a pre-wedding anniversary  as it is tomorrow. We stayed in the city in a cosy, intimate place called Anise Villa which we enjoyed because it did not have that typical hotel environment. As the first day was travelling day, we took time in the afternoon to visit the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum fairly close by and later to the Russian market also closeby by tuk-tuk, a popular term taken from Thailand. Much of our souvenirs were bought there but I suspect we were sitting ducks to the local sellers. At first, I thought I was alone but later wifey too said she felt the air within the buildings in the Genocide Museum tended to be on the heavy side. The next day, I spent the day at the University and gave my talk in the morning and joined in the hands-on topology cleaning during the workshop while wifey spent the day at the central market and made herself a tourist. We returned home on the third day on the 11.10 am flight. All in all I enjoyed it very much as this was our first visit to Cambodia. I went back with fond memories of patient Kembojans driving in their  hectic traffic jam and superb high-end Kembojan ice-creams....and wifey said just like the Siamese, we hardly saw any fat people around. 

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