Avani Sepang Resort weekend retreat

Last Friday was wifey's birthday. I gave her a birthday cake and wanted to take the family out for dinner but she wanted to give the family a treat this weekend. That Saturday, after making many calls but turned down because fully booked, one family chalet was eventually available at the Avanti Sepang Resort so she took the offer. We have never been here. It was a 75km drive away from home and we only left at 3pm because we only managed to secure that room late. Still it was not far and we reached there by 4:30, lazed around till 6 then went out to have fun by the swimming pool. Dinner was at the adjacent StimBoat Restuarant and we were most satisfied with the cooking. It rained early Sunday morning and drizzled all morning so we sat in the chalet killing time while the munsters were fast asleep. By 10:30am, we went for breakfast and to our surprise, if it ever rains, breakfast time is usually extended another hour, as well as checkout time. Sabrina later killed time in the bath tub and we made our way home by noon. All in all, a memorable event for the family, courtesy of wifey.

1 of 2 rooms
Living room
Munsters grew up
One for the album
Tide coming in fast
Tea break
Dinner at StimBoat was delicous
Time to go
We really enjoyed ourselves

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