Grand Lexis , Port Dickson weekend retreat

Sabrina's birthday was just past round the corner and she got her birthday wish. Wifey took the whole family plus two of our nieces together for a weekend retreat at the Grand Lexis Resort, 2 km. north of Port Dickson town centre which is neighbour to the long established Glory Beach hotel. From the looks of it, I believe the nieces were enjoying the weekend holiday treat more than Sabrina. Well it does not matter because we are a closely knit family. For a 5 star hotel, the price of the food was reasonable, delicious and plentiful. The room was humongous with excellent facilities and you get what you paid for. All in all, an enjoyable weekend for the family as well as Sabrina.


No RIP for my HTC One S

A few weeks ago,  my elder son complained that his HTC SV guzzles battery life. As father,  I hand-me-down my Sony Xperia TX to him and gave him a week to decide whether he would accept it,  his first reaction was that he felt the 4.7inch screen to be bulkier than his HTC's 4.3 screen. After 3 days,  he hand-me-down his HTC to my younger son who has been glued daily to it. I pulled out my previous HTC One Side but in order to hide the long cracking across the screen, gave it a dark blue wallpaper.  It still functions well and is the faster of my smartphones.

Bitten by the flower bug

Under the shade of the high tension wire, wifey and me went to a nearby nursery as lately,  it appears as if wifey has been  bitten by the flower bug. The veranda which was usually bare short of two bicycles have become a pretty sight. I am hoping it will last that way forever.


Avani Sepang Resort weekend retreat

Last Friday was wifey's birthday. I gave her a birthday cake and wanted to take the family out for dinner but she wanted to give the family a treat this weekend. That Saturday, after making many calls but turned down because fully booked, one family chalet was eventually available at the Avanti Sepang Resort so she took the offer. We have never been here. It was a 75km drive away from home and we only left at 3pm because we only managed to secure that room late. Still it was not far and we reached there by 4:30, lazed around till 6 then went out to have fun by the swimming pool. Dinner was at the adjacent StimBoat Restuarant and we were most satisfied with the cooking. It rained early Sunday morning and drizzled all morning so we sat in the chalet killing time while the munsters were fast asleep. By 10:30am, we went for breakfast and to our surprise, if it ever rains, breakfast time is usually extended another hour, as well as checkout time. Sabrina later killed time in the bath tub and we made our way home by noon. All in all, a memorable event for the family, courtesy of wifey.

1 of 2 rooms
Living room
Munsters grew up
One for the album
Tide coming in fast
Tea break
Dinner at StimBoat was delicous
Time to go
We really enjoyed ourselves


It's Friday

Every Friday, I have a preference to sit on the terrazo floor of the National Mosque because I walk there from office so it's very cooling for my soles the but today the weather was kind of stuffy so I decided to go inside and enjoy the comforts of an aircon environment and decided to take a snapshot of one for the Blogger.

Solat Hajat for std.6 students

Yesterday, wifey and me went to our local mosque to do solat hajat for students from her school nearby. A short motivation talk for the students started after solat maghrib. It was organized by the school and the An Nur mosque committee which must have a close rapo because the school is less than 1 minute's walk to the mosque. Packed nasi ayam was given away after solat hajat but there were also curry-puffs and popiah of which i think I must have gobble quite a few popiahs becuase they were more inviting :-D