Of durians and speed traps

Last week, I returned home from Ipoh but not before stopping by Gopeng where under a shady tree outside the market, D24 durians were sold at RM10/biggest plastic you can get hold of which could hold 3 normal size durians that sell for RM60 in Klang Valley. I bought RM30 which ended up in 4 plastic bags and to me was a bargain and I planned to distribute them later. I travelled in air-con style and by the time I reached Rawang R&R, I stopped to relieve myself. Leaving the R&R, the smell of the durians inside the car by then was too strong so I decided to pull down the windows and brought the car to 110kph hoping to quickly extract the odour. At about the same time, I came to the Rawang flyover. I still kept to 110kph as the smell was overpowering only to see a traffic cop aim his speed gun on me. If that were an 80kph area, I had it. And to think that 95% of the time, I was driving at 100-110kph as time was on my side. :-(

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