How to root a Sony Xperia TX?

At last, I managed to root my Sony Xperia TX thanks to Techbeasts. Whilst I am familiar in using a root smartphone, I do not know how to root one, my previous smartphone, a CSL mi5 was rooted by my son. I eventually found out that to root a smartphone, one has to choose the specific firmware, in my case "9.2.A.1.215". This was the crux of my earlier root hiccups was not choosing the proper procedure of the specific firmware for the smartphone that I currently used because I thought any root apps that could root a smartphone. I was wrong. So following techbeast's step-by-step procedure, I gave it a try and found it easy to understand.

Firstly, TowelRoot.apk was downloaded then installed
Next, SuperSU was dowloaded and installed

Then Rootchecker was downloaded, installed and run
Lastly ROM Toobox Lite was download, installed and activated

After a few tries, I opt for "SuperSU" instead of "SuperUser" because for some reason, maybe I fumbled, the former more compatible. The Root Checker mentioned that my smartphone was already successfully rooted but I still could not delete apps especially some default apps. Refering to my son, he downloaded and installed ROM Toolbox Lite which he uses and said it is actually under the App Manager of the ROM Toolbox Lite that one can select and uninstall apps. Yes, It works fine just as my son said so. What can I say?  My son made me root the smartphone the hard way i.e. without his help except for the ROM Toolbox Lite so Techbeasts, you made my day! Thank you very much. Lastly, I went over and installed KK Launcher which I think is real cool! Overall, it is worth the effort.

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