Eid celebration at Ministry

Back at office
Hon Minister gives speech
Today, we are invited to attend our Ministry's annual Eid celebration. This is something I make sure I don't miss because the food buffet style is generous and the variety gets more and more as years go by. This year they had the buffet outside the office building so the place was swarming with people and I would expect a few great crashers too as this place is more open than before. I would too if you saw what they had to offer. Simply delicious and guests are sincerely invited to take whatever they please.Incidentally, other than a similar white national dress, that is the same sampin (the mid-gear) I wore when I got married and this is the only time other than that when I wore it because this particular sampin is rather delicate, a precious hand-me-down from my mother who got it from possibly, grandma.

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