Don't be mindset

After being exposed to Facebook for some time, I've decided to come home to Blogger where I started blogging. The reasons for this migration is obvious, then again, it is quite hard to get away from everything associated with Zionism as they have done their homework well. If there are alternatives, I will consider them as better options and in some cases as I have found out that to be true as in the case of Telegram of which I have migrated from What's App.

Yes, Telegram is a messenger app exactly like What's App and as some of my friends who tried it out agree it is faster, probably because the number of their clients is comparatively less and this is in favour of the clients like me. Not sticking to a second opinion, I gave it a try uploading a photo to my brother and yes, it is indeed fast. Telegram's FAQ stated that it is more secure than What's App so this is another plus point and another friend said that it can handle .pdf files which What's App cannot but I have yet to confirm this. The point of all this is that, if you are too mindset, you may lose out on better things which incidentally could be free. This brings me to the subject of Open Source Software (OSS) which I am a total convert since 2008 when Ubuntu introduced their Hardy Heron's Version 8.04.

It is only when you install a dual-boot computer with Windows and Ubuntu aside each other then compare them in use that you realize that Ubuntu is the faster operating system. Web sites visited or U-Tube files are definitely slower when surfed using Windows and unless you're prejudice, common sense will tell you Ubuntu is the better choice, not only that, it is also easier to maintain and no updates or scanning to think about as it is not being vulnerable to Windows virus and Malware attack. Not wanting to be trapped by the mindset of popular softwares, I ventured deeper and deeper in OSS, I eventually found Quantum GIS (QGIS) and gave it its full support as I am a town planner by profession and it was an excellent way to save government (private agencies too) much money, probably in in RM Million if one utilizes more than 100 units. QGIS, although it's root is OSS, by the way, is multi-platform and can run on Windows, Linux, Mac and BSD (coming soon, Android).

I guess that's all I have to say for the time being. Some people advocate certain things at their blog. For me, this is where I mentally blabber my way though on subjects that hit my mind as my blog site says "Thinking Aloud". Other than that, it is also a cyber place where I jot down the experiences of my life.

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