Beefing up the Peugeot 407: Phase 1

I have the privilege of driving the CKD version of the Peugeot 407 which apparently is better than the CBU version. The key reason was found out that the gearbox oil compartment of the CBU version is rather small for the likings of the hot and humid Malaysian climate which led to much gearbox problems. In the CKD version which came out much later, I found that the gearbox oil compartment could take 4 litres of gearbox oil with ease on par with its engine oil compartment. I  found the car to  be surprisingly economical especially for highway driving and because of it's weight and size, a great grand tourer. But there were times when I was too lazy to drive and preferred sitting in the back with the rest of the family that I found that comfort in the back seat was 3 *** compared to the front's 4****. This was most noticeable when the car takes bends fast, something which I ahem-ahem happen to do often. As I am have a preference for sporty driving, I just had to beef up the car but being on a shoe string budget, things will have to be done in phases.

For phase 1, I invested in a complete set of 5 stabilizer bars specific to this model. It cost me slightly more than RM1000. In that sense, the car is no more a stock car but it now handles superbly that I give it 5***** when I sit in the back seat. Now I love taking corners and release the accelerator pedal as I enter the bend then let the weight of the car grip the road. Passengers now hardly ever experience any hash body roll as before. My brother-in-law recently borrowed the car to return home for Eid festival and the everyone in their family were impressed by the smoothness and comfort of the new ride as they have been on the car before this modifications. They all gave their thumbs up. Together with my family, I can easily say that it was a good investment because not only is the car more safer at handling corners fast but it now offers a more comfortable ride, something anyone with big back sides will appreciate. What's for phase 2? I'll keep you guessing until I get that done. Coming soon...

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